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    keepalive doesn´t work for mediaOutput?

    Antonio Roldán Newbie


      I have one image inside one blob field at database.

      I want to show it using mediaOutput.


      If the bean is on session, it works correctly.

      But I don´t want to put in on session.


      If the bean is on the request, I think keepalive is not working correctly for mediaOutput.


      Any idea what´s the problem?


      Thanks very much.



      <a4j:keepAlive beanName="detalleEstadoBean" />



                                  <a4j:mediaOutput element="img" mimeType="#{detalleEstadoBean.entidad.txMime}"

                                      createContent="#{detalleEstadoBean.paint}" value="#{detalleEstadoBean.entidad}"

                                      style="width:100px;" cacheable="false" session="false">

                                      <f:param value="#{detalleEstadoBean.timeStamp}" name="time"/> 








          private void init() {


              this.id = (Long)this.obtenerParametro("idEntidad");

              try {

                  this.entidad = this.dao.buscarPorId(this.id);

              } catch (BaseDeDatosException e) {






          public void paint(OutputStream stream, Object object) throws IOException {


                  stream.write(((EstadoFenologico)object).getLbFichero() );