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    Variable Persistence Strategies in jBPM


      I saw the different variable persistence strategies provided by drools in 5.1.1 (http://planet.jboss.org/post/drools_flow_variable_persistence_strategies). I dont find those classes anywhere when I downloaded the jBPM5.0.0 installer which comes with drools-persistence-jpa-5.2.0.M1.jar.


      The classes I am looking for are





      These used to be bundled in drools-persistence-jpa-5.1.1.jar. Does anyone know if I need some other jar file to get these classes?

      Also if you have an example of working variable persistence, please send me a link to it.



      Harjot Narula

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          Hi Harjot,


          In 5.2 we merge the current implementation for Variable Persistence with the core marshaling mechanisms of drools.

          You can find a test that show how to configure the new Persisters in the following test inside the jbpm-persistence-jpa project:




          I was responsible for that merge and for the unification of these mechanisms, so please feel free to report any problem that you have with it.


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            Hey Mauricio,


            I was wondering if there were any changes to the behavior of calling:

            env.set(EnvironmentName.CMD_SCOPED_ENTITY_MANAGER, myCmdScopedEntityManager);


            I seem to get the following stack trace when using this (it worked in the previous release)


            SEVERE: [http-thread-pool-8080(2)] ERROR essionCommandService - Could not commit session


                at org.drools.persistence.jpa.JpaPersistenceContext.findWorkItemInfo(JpaPersistenceContext.java:41)

                at org.drools.persistence.jpa.processinstance.JPAWorkItemManager.completeWorkItem(JPAWorkItemManager.java:108)

                at org.drools.command.runtime.process.CompleteWorkItemCommand.execute(CompleteWorkItemCommand.java:69)

                at org.drools.command.runtime.process.CompleteWorkItemCommand.execute(CompleteWorkItemCommand.java:32)

                at org.drools.persistence.SingleSessionCommandService.execute(SingleSessionCommandService.java:292)

                at org.drools.command.impl.CommandBasedStatefulKnowledgeSession$1.completeWorkItem(CommandBasedStatefulKnowledgeSession.java:149)

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              i encounter the same exception, you can try un-register the JPAWorkingMemoryDbLogger but comment the line:

              //new JPAWorkingMemoryDbLogger(ksession);

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                Hmm that error doens't seem related with the variable persistence strategies.. when are you getting that?