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    How to install JPBM eclipse plugin



      I am new to JBPM,Some one please help me setup JBPM 5.0 eclipse plugin to explore more on this JBPM product.

      Below are the softwares available with me.

      1) Jboss AS 5.1
      2) JBPM 5.0
      3) Eclipse 3.5




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          if you know how to use JBoss AS 5.1 and Eclipse 3.5, the only thing that you need to learn is jBPM5.

          Did you try to use the installer provided in the download page?

          It works with jboss 4.2.3 I think, but if you know a little bit about JBoss AS 5.1 you can just move the deployed files and configurations to that version.


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            Thanks for your quick response.


            As per the documentation,ant scripts will do the JBPM project setup,but i want to setup JBPM eclipse plugin manaully(Using installnew software option in eclipse we did JBPM4 setup) and have downloaded jbpm-5.0.0-installer-full.zip   and also have JBOSS 5.1 in my machine.Please let me know how to set up eclipse plugin and is there any configuration do we need to do in Jboss?

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              Arjun if you came to know the installation procedure, then tell me also. I am also going through the same problem.. Send me at rajanbasnal86@gmail.com.. And can you please share the steps you followed at the jBPM4 installation.... Thanks.

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                you can follow what ant does, manually. In build.xml, u ll find a target "install.drools-eclipse.into.eclipse" & "install.jBPM-eclipse.into.eclipse" under the section,  Install Eclipse plugins.

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                  I managed to install JBPM into my own eclipse by editing the install scripts that came with the JBPM installer.  It doesn't take much.


                  It has been a few weeks since I did this so my memory is fuzzy.


                  I dug into the JBPM installer and found a proeprties file and a build.xml file.  I modified the two files so they would install the drools flow and jbpm plugins into MY eclipse rather than the one the installer downloads.  My specific order was I ran the script through unchanged once just to make sure all of the pieces parts downloaded into the expected locations then I modified the two files so they will install the plugins into my eclipse.


                  I can dig up the details Monday if somebody wants more details about what I did specifically.  If you understand Ant it only takes about 5 minutes of work.  Even if you don't understand Ant it isn't a very mysterious process.  The install scripts are done well enough that guessing isn't necesary.