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    combo box in column of dataTable


      I have a combobox in my dataTable column. I have given f:selectItems instead of suggestion values for combo box. The selected value from the combo box is passed to the backing bean via the datatable variable.




      <richfaces:dataTable var="emp" value= "#{employee.empList}">



          <richfaces:comboBox value="#{emp.selectedBrand}" rendered="#{chemotherapybr.viewConcomitantDrugCycle==false}"   enableManualInput="true">

                <f:selectItems  value="#{employee.lstBrands}" />






      In the above table if suppose there is a default value for #{emp.selectedBrand} then the values in f:selectItems will no be displayed.


      Is there a solution for this. I want to display all  the value in  "#{employee.lstBrands}"  in combobox but the selected value should be #{emp.selectedBrand} and also the user must be able to edit this.



      Could anyone please help with this situation.