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    jbpm5 apps running on custom address and port


      Hello everyone,

      I've noticed that running jbpm on custom address and port, i.e. other than localhost and 8080, it is required to do the following steps for jboss, guvnor's packages and the console,

      1. replace the localhost in build.xml as binding address for jboss, or specify the binding address if jboss starts with another script

      2. fix changeset.xml files

      3. replace the localhost in designer.war wherever it is found (in profiles drools.xml and some .js files), especially the drools.xml

      4. and jbpm.console.server.host in the jbpm.console.properties of the jbpm-gwt-corexxxx.jar found in jbpm-gwt-console-server.war


      However although everything seems to work fine, creating/saving a bpmn process and viewing its source in oryx designer of guvnor does not work.

      I've tried it couple of times and when it comes to saving and viewing the source of the process in oryx designer of guvnor i get blank canvas after save and the source that i get is from port 8080.

      Well, this happens because the address and port are hardcoded in org.drools.guvnor.server.GuvnorAPIServlet and org.drools.guvnor.server.contenthandler.BPMN2ProcessHandler classes of guvnor war. There is a todo note in the classes for changing that, so i suppose this will be corrected soon.


      If however one needs to make it work on different address and port then just replace localhost and 8080 on the above classes and replace them in the guvnor war. Then everything works fine