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    jBPM5 : Assign Human task to a Group / Role


      Dear All,

        I have been evaluating jBPM5 , specifically the HumanTask. Seems to work fine so far(although I had to jump a few hops). However, I am now stuck at the point where in which I need to assign a task to a Group / Role. So far its working with Users, perfectly.


      I understand that you can add Users and Groups using the TaskServiceSession.add methods. However, how do you associate a user to a group. Kind of like Membership(which used to exist in jBPM 3) .


      I figured there is a property called Group in the Human Task node. But its missing the association between the User and Group. The documentation(User Guide) doesnt talk about Groups also.


        Kindly help in this stumbling block.


      Best Regards,


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