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    jmx jsm createQueue() not persistent across restarts

    Hugh Bragg Newbie

      The jmx jms operation createQueue("QueueName", "/queue/QueueName", null, true) queue isn't persistent across server restarts.


      I can add the queue in the jmx console, but when I restart the server the queue only exists in the core queues.


      I use the org.hornetq/Server/JMS/Operations/createQueue method of version 2.1.2 to create a durable queue.

      Then I can see the queue has been created in both org.hornetq/Queue/JMS/QueueName and org.hornetq/Queue/Core/jms.queue.QueueName.

      After I restart I can only see the queue in org.hornetq/Queue/Core/jms.queue.QueueName, but the other is missing.


      I can work around this by adding the queue to the config hornetq-jms.xml file before restarting.


      I noticed while looking around that this was also the behaviour of the old JBossMQ.


      Is this by design or a bug?