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    Using JBPM 5 in Spring Web application

    vikas jadon Newbie



      Can some one suggest me any example app with JBPM5 used inside spring MVC web application.

      This question was asked earlier but the links provided was kind of broken links.


      Thanks for any help.


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          Mauricio Salatino Master

          Hi Vikas,

          jBPm5 is agnostic from the presentation layer, I've personally never worked with Spring MVC, but I'm sure that it's pretty easy to integrate/interact with jBPM5 APIs, let me ask you what are you trying to achieve? Using Spring MVC or any other technology should be very similar from jbpm5 perspective. Let me know if you are stuck with the integration or what are your inmidiate needs so I can help you out.


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            vikas jadon Newbie

            Thank you Mauricio,


            I was trying to use JBPM5 process in a web application which is built on spring.

            you are right, i am kind of stuck with the integration of JBPM5 with spring application.

            I am looking some help in understanding and configuring it.




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              Franklin Antony Newbie

              I too am looking at a means to integrate jBPM5 with a webapplication. Earlier in jBPM4 there was bean called org.jbpm.spring.cfg.SpringConfigurationFactoryBean.  However am not able to find anything like that in jBPM5. Am also worried about the transaction management on the process server. When a START/COMPLETE etc command is sent to the process server using client.start(...) or client.claim(...), this one call is transactional. However my application runs in another transactional context. This seems to be very dangerous because, if the client.start(...) or client.claim(...) succeeds and my service fails then I wont be able to rollback the whole trascation. Is there a means to bring both jBPM transactional context and Spring service's transactional context together?

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                alexis_lalas . Newbie

                Hello Mauricio.


                Could You guide me and suggest that compontes use?


                a) My use case, into a Spring webapp (tomcat) which shows a form with the inputText to run human task (to complete a HT)


                b) Another use case, from the String webapp (Tomcat) we must create an instance of a process in jbpm5 process execution engine (jboss).


                Which components must be used, knowing that we have to handle the transaction?


                An example always comes out right.

                Thank you very much.

                Cheers .-

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                  TC ONG Newbie

                  Hi Guys,

                  You guys still looking at this post?

                  I'm working on the same thing too now.

                  I have

                  • Spring 3.1
                  • jbpm 5.2
                  • drools core 5.3

                  I use Spring to display the (web) interface for my process written in jbpm.

                  So far I only got the inegration works through Mina Task Service. But I herd that Mina Task Service is accumulating memory usage. So I am looking for alternatives.

                  Anyway, I'd like to find people who are currently interested in this topic and form a discussion group so that we can benefit from it.


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                    jhrobbin Newbie

                    Someone posted a sample app in the GWT Console that uses Spring MVC and BPM Console Server's REST API.  I've had some troubles getting it running against my Console Server instance but maybe you will find it an interesting example.




                    It's worth noting the Spring MVC app in the example above doesn't hit jBPM directly, rather it makes REST calls to the Console Server which surfaces a REST API.  Myself I'm wondering if it is preferrable to use this approach or to have my web application integrate directly with jBPM API.  I've posted a discussion on that topic here.