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Sending message from server to client

Maik Schreiber Newbie

Hi all,


I'm currently trying to use ErraiBus in a GWT application. What I'm trying to do is to send a message from the server to the client without the client requesting anything. I couldn't find out how to do that, though. In the examples in the user guide it looks like the server always reacts to some client message, which is not what I need.


On second note, to send an unsolicited message, I think I need a reference to some ErraiBus component. I understand that ErraiBus uses Guice to wire its components, but how to get some object or service that I can use to send my message to the client?


Any help is greatly appreciated. Perhaps the user guide could be modified to include a similar example.





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    Heiko Braun Master

    Just send it using a bus reference:



                        .with("text", "Hi There")                  



    You can do that in any business method of your service implementation,

    The bus reference get's injected:



    public HelloWorldService(MessageBus bus) {
            this.bus = bus;
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    pottingshed Newbie


    I'm trying to do the same thing - notify client of successful authentication, without an initial client request. However, when I issue the following after authentication, I get the following exception:

    Exception in thread "Dispatch Worker Thread" java.lang.RuntimeException: cannot have a conversation.  the incoming message has not session data associated with it.

    Presumably this is because there is no associated session. This is what I use to make the call:

            RequestDispatcher erraiDispatcher = GneLifecycleListener.getSpringContext().getBean("erraiRequestDispatcher",






            .with("gneCommand", GneCommand.SUCCESSFUL_AUTHENTICATION.toString()) // Use string, not enum

            .with("gneUserVo", gneUserVo)




    Where am I going wrong?



    Errai Newbie.