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    Clustered EJB3 Timer question

    Fin Steenbjerg Newbie

      I have followed http://community.jboss.org/wiki/DeployingEJB3TimersInCluster and it works as long as you dont have the same application (which creates timers) in multiple clusters. The database field TARGETID contains values like this




      It does not contain any information about which cluster it is running in. So if the same application is running in more than one cluster, a timer created in one cluster will have also get started in the other clusters (at the master node).


      One way to solve this is by specifying a database schema inside ejb2-timer-service.xml file and then use difference schemas for each cluster. But unfortunately this requires us to coordinate with DBAs when new clusters are created, which is not something we want to do.


      Therefore, is there any other way to make ejb3 timers in one cluster totally independent of timers in other clusters. Any comment would be nice. BTW. I am using jboss 5.1 (EAP)

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          Fin Steenbjerg Newbie

          Just another question. The setup of clustered ejb timers forces all timers to be cluster aware (running only at one server in the cluster). What I would like is that some timers are cluster-aware while other timers runs at every server in the cluster. The best thing would be that the developer decides what type of timer he wants to use. Is there any way to achieve this?