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    Jboss 6 container problem

    geschtli Newbie



      Jboss 6 can't remove my normal sfsb.

      It seem's that such normal annotated classes are a problem in the container:





      public class MyClass implements Serializable


      If i stop jboss he warns me with a

      Cause: "Cannot remove EJB, id unknown (likely because this is a no-interface view!)"


      After many session's a heavy used server runs quick out of memory.


      Does somewhere known a workarround for that?


      (I use jboss weld, so a separate interface for each class is not required, it got's the sfsb

      over the @Named annotation)

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          Jan Groth Novice

          Same question here. I'm not really worried that JBoss eats all its memory, but I'd like to understand the background of this (very common) logging output. There's quite a bunch of people with the same question (just google "Cannot remove EJB, id unknown (likely because this is a no-interface view!)"), but I didn't find any real response yet...


          So: Why would JBoss not be able to remove a no-interface view SFSB? Certainly not because there's not handle..!?