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    Dealing with multple client jaxws implementations


      We are deploying multiple generated soap clients, including a JBossWS generated client, an Axis generated client, and an XFire client. The first two run fine on top of the native JBossWS 2.0.1 stack, unfortunately the XFire client (for reasons I won't go into now) is not portable. Therefore, we're looking to switch between the native JBossWS and the XFire implementations. We figured we would configure jax-ws to use a factory (a (javax.xml.ws.spi.)Provider of providers) that would delegate to the actual implementation providers. As a proof-of-concept I built one to return the JBossWS Provider as a default. Unfortunately, on making a request to a JBossWS client, the ServiceDelegate is created successfully but fails on getting the service port with the following exception:

      SEI is missing @WebService annotation: interface com.mycompany.ApiClientProtected

      ApiClientProtected is a JBossWS generated class which does in fact contain the annotation.

      How have folks solved either the particular or the greater general problem?