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    jbpm5 parallel processing of tasks

    Ion Moraru Newbie

      Hello everyone,


      I am evaluating jbpm5 to add workflow to my application.

      The application requires multiple processes running at the same time. A process can have a forks that require tasks running in parallel.


      Based on a small test project that I run I noticed the following:

      1. startProces() is synchronous ; it returns when the process is completed. This can be a problem with long running processes.
      2. For parallel branches, only one task is executed at a time.

      In essence, all the process is running in a single thread.


      Is there a way to achieve running the tasks in parallel? Will persistence help in this (I did not use any in my test)?

      Can I configure the system to run multiple threads or do I have to implement it (having a pool of threads that process the tasks that are available at a given point in time)?

      Can you point me to some examples or documentation?


      Any input would be appreciated.