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    question about JBoss ClassLoader

    Yuriy R Newbie

      Here is my situation :


      - have JBoss 405

      - have a lot of deployed ear's

      - some of them contain the same jar library.

      - also this jar is placed at jboss405\server\default\lib\


      What i need :


      - one of ear must load that jar from it's local lib folder, but other jar's from common place.

      If I using isolation like create ear's own ClassLoader at the  jboss405\server\default\deploy\Some.ear\META-INF\application.xml




      I can't load other common lib's.


      So ..the question is : how can I say to the JBoss ClassLoader that "this" jar you must overwrite (because this jar is already loaded) from local lib's folder, but other from common.


      Thanks !