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    rich:select enhancements and rethink

    Justin Wyer Newbie

      There are 3 things to discuss (maybe we will come up with more)


      Firstly continuing from the 15/6 team meeting rich:select with enableManualInput=true has some use case problems if we follow these screen shots



      User clicks the rich:select to open item list



      User uses manual input to scope the item list


      This is worked correctly so far and our user goes ahead and selects "112 Orange" but then they change their mind so they  display the item list again by clicking on the input / drop down button and this is what they see



      The item list only has one item in it now because enableManualInput has scoped the list to match the value of the input. More savvy users will realise they can hit backspace a lot or ctrl + a and start typing again but many users will end up confused. Regardless of the user this is awkward.


      I purpose the entire item list be displayed and  text in the input auto highlighted so if the user starts typing the input text will be cleared and the list will get scoped as per the second screenshot.


      Secondly the onclick attribute is broken as it only affects the input not the drop down button. We could introduce two new events oninputclick onbuttonclick and onclick could wrap both of these. Discussing this lead to Lukas suggesting that we rather introduce semantical events onlistopen and onlistclose which I agree with.


      Thirdly the setValue(value) js api call does not allow for the input text to be cleared, we can either extend the method to clear the list if '' or null are passed as the value or we can introduce a new call clear() or clearInput()