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    Passing information via InvocationContext in interceptors

    Arjun Kumaar Newbie

      Can I pass data in invocation context via remote method calls?

      I have two stateless session beans

      BeanA and BeanB


      I have an interceptor for each bean


      BeanAInterceptor for BeanA.methodA

      BeanBInterceptor for BeanB.methodB


      In BeanAInterceptor, I set some context data.

      In BeanA.methodA, I get an handle to BeanB and call BeanB.methodB


      In the process, BeanBInterceptor gets called and I want to read the context data

      that I set in BeanAInterceptor, but I get null.


      Is there any way to pass data via InvocationContext across remote calls if BeanA

      and BeanB are deployed in


      a. same jvm

      b. different jvm

      c. in a clustered environment.


      In short I want to send data across ejbs, but via interceptors and not

      as parameters to method calls.


      I am pasting the relevant code below.



      public class BeanA {   



          SessionContext ctx;



          public void methodA() {

              BeanBRemote bRemote = ctx







      public class BeanAInterceptor {



          public Object interceptA(InvocationContext ctx) throws Exception {

              Map<String, Object> ctxData = ctx.getContextData();

              ctxData.put("key", "value");

              return ctx.proceed();






      public class BeanB {



          public void methodB() {

              //do something






      public class BeanBInterceptor {



          public Object interceptB(InvocationContext ctx) throws Exception {

              Map<String, Object> ctxData = ctx.getContextData();

              Object val = ctxData.get("key"); //I get val as null here

              return ctx.proceed();