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GWT-Console with custom wrapped jBPM 4.4

tonyloca Newbie


I'm going to try to adapt gwt-console to my custom jbpm 4.4 instance.

I need a quick and brief advice on how to do that, since I have a terrible deadline

and undfortunatelly have not enough time to reaserch it myself.


I've got all jbpm things wrapped, spring integrated and deployed to tomcat.

Should I implement my own integration layer? The one I've seen in sources

uses JNDI lookup, I'd need spring style instantiation.

Is it generally like:

console --(jbpm.cfg.xml)--> gwt-server ---> integration layer --jndi--> jbpm


Acctually I expect someone experienced say sth like: implement this and

that, add such config file, and so on. No high detailed walkthrough is

necessary I guess. Any suggestions MUCH appreciated.