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    jar files as deployments resources in server view

    Maxym Pendyshchuk Newbie

      I don't know if this is question to JBoss Tools team, maybe to Eclipse... At first I will try to ask here.


      I have project, which consists of

      - Dynamic Web Project "Presentation"

      - EJB Project "Engine"

      -Enterprise Application Project "EARPackaging".


      Last one packs both EJB and Web Project to EAR. Now, I add this EAR project to JBoss Runtime Server (6.x or 7.0, does not matter for now).


      Now in Enterprise Application Project, in EarContent I create 'lib' folder, and add there freemarker.jar, now when I expand related resource added to Runtime Server in servers view, I see


      JBoss 6.x Runtime Server

           - EARPackaging

                - Engine

                - freemarker.jar

                - Presentation


      most of jars from EarContent\lib folder is not added here (and all of them should not, imho). I noticed that only freemarker and yuicompressor are added as ear resource (and my EarContent\lib has 41 jar files)... Why is it so? In Deployment Assembly of Enterprise Application Project I don't see these jars to remove.


      This simplified example is attached. I used Eclipse 3.7, night build of JBoss Tooles 3.3 (and actually I had the same issue with JBoss Tools 3.2, but as I menation at the beginning, I don't know if it is related to JBoss Tools at all)