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    JBoss EJB communicating with Weblogic EJB


      I have done a lot of searching on this topic (on this forum and elsewhere) and have tried several different things but am unable to get it working. The scenario under which I am trying to run is the following. I have an ejb3 session bean which is attempting to make a remote call to a weblogic server. I am using t3 to communicate.


      I have read in other posts that it is important not to put the wlclient jar into the server/lib directory so I have packaged the jar in my ear file. When I am packing the wlclient jar the classpath is getting messed up as when I do a JNDI lookup on the jboss bean it is not finding a reference as it appears it is attempting a lookup on weblogic's jndi tree. I have tried also tried setting the properties [java.naming.factory.initial, java.naming.provider.url]  on the weblogic.jndi.Environment, this has the same effect on the initial jboss jndi lookup. For completeness I should add that I have tried using wlfullclient jar and weblogic jar. When I tried wlfullclient jar I have experienced same result as with wlclient. When I run with weblogic jar I get a different error [java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError] raised: [weblogic/security/subject/AbstractSubject]. This class is only in wlclient or wlfullclient so I have now run out of ideas.


      If anyone could has any other tips I can try or has experience in this area, your help on this it would be greatly appreciated.

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          I have made a change in an attempt to do what I thought would not work at all. I added wlclient jar to my server/default/lib and it works! I dont understand as I thought this would further screw with my jboss jndi lookups but it does not. Why is this the case? Am I doing something that shouldnt happen?