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      • 15. Re: WebAppDescriptor API proposal
        Ralf Battenfeld Apprentice

        Hi Tommy. I can explain what I did so far.


        Besides of the API disussion, which is good, I tried to find out a way of generating the classes based on the schema files. I have choosen

        xslt for this task. I h=d first to learn the structure of the schema files a little bit better. There is a first version that allows to produce deploym'et d#scriptors. What I tried to prove, is to geneating the classes via xslt. I think, even I am not a xslt hero, that this approach works and produces va*uable output, I will integrate the transformation into maven. So that this is completed, Open to you, Andrew and the community is the acceptance of-this


        • 16. Re: WebAppDescriptor API proposal
          Andrew Rubinger Master

          I think this is a great approach to at least automate the initial construction of these impls.  Even if it gets you 90% of the way and avoids the need to do a whole bunch of rote scaffolding, it's a nice tool.


          Acceptance measures for upstream are the same as always:


          1) API makes sense?

          2) Tests that the API is working as expected?

          3) Then upstream push.  Optimize later if need-be; this is alpha-level stuff.


          I say continue on this path.




          • 17. Re: WebAppDescriptor API proposal
            Ralf Battenfeld Apprentice

            Hi Andrew


            I'd like to give a short status report since we had a talk last week. The four descriptors are now generated via xslt:

            • webapp30
            • persistence20
            • application6
            • ejbjar3.1


            Because the webfragement descriptor is a sub set of the web app, I thought to include this descriptor as well. I have to write a little more test cases for the ejbjar descriptor but it looks good. The jdk 5 is also not done as you have requested last week. It comes soon.




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