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    XmlSeeAlso usage

    jaroslav skraban Newbie

      Hello @,

        I have following problem with Jboss 5.1and WS Native 3.4.1


        Wsdl defines lot of anyType that are mapped to Object in java. I provide schema that generates objects to be used as parameters. I created service from generated sei and tested it using soapui. I got failure that schema types are not known.


        I included schema to wsdl and I see that generated sei contains ObjectFactory from the schema. Calling the operation fails again. I found out in the jaxws code that just ObjectFactory was added to the jaxb context and not referenced classes.


        So I tried to extend generated sei, annotate it as necessary (also providing classes from schema again) and use this interface in my service as sei (service implements it and also @WebService(endpointInterface="new interface")). Again failure when testing. In code I see that XmlSeeAlso is checked during deployment (class JAXWSMetaDataBuilder) but during invocation only types from wsdl are taken into account and used for jaxb context construction (in EndpointMetadata.eagerInitializeTypes, JAXBSerializer.serialize)...


        Looks like bug to me or did I missed something? Is there some workaround (maybe update wsdl or provide bindings)?