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    how to access the file present in jar file in jboss-5.0.0 GA

    se.sheetal Newbie

      Hi all,

      I am facing a problem and unable to get any solution if any one of you can help me out.

      I am upgrading from jboss4.2.3 to jboss 5.0.0 GA and while deploying my ear i am getting null pointer exception.

      In my ear I have a jar file, which contains a properties file say myFile.properties and I want to access this file in one of my java class which is also thr in the jar in pkg something like abc\efg\pkg1\pkg2\xyz.java.

      InputStream input = XYZ.class.getResourceAsStream("/myFile.properties");


      Here m getting a input as null.


      I guess its something related to classloaders :-( , the same thing works fine with jboss4.2.3.

      please provide your valuable solution and let me know in case any more info is reqd.

      Thanks in advance.