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    How to configure JBoss to launch WSDL on secure port

    Dale Thompson Newbie



      I been trying to get my WSDL to deploy on secure port 8443, using SSL, but so far I have not been successful. Everything I have tried the service still deploys on 8080.


      I have been searching the internet for about a week, I made numerous changes to both my jboss configuration and my WSDL and nothing so far will make the service deploy on the 8443.


      I know that I have be missing something and all the forums and searches that I have done, I have not seen a definite fix for this problem. 


      Can someone please direct me as to what I am doing wrong or the correct resource to get my WSDL to deploy on the port 8443.


      I am using Jboss6, and soap address for my WSDL in Java.