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    Information about <a4j:commandLink> and request scoped bean

    blade_runner Newbie

      Hello, I'm with a little doubt here...


      Supose I have a request scope bean and I'm using its informations to fullfill a dataTable. One of the collumns of this dataTable is a <a4j:commandLink>, and this commandLink uses as a parameter the id of its collumn and put it in another request scoped bean when clicked. When I click on any of these commanLinks the information will be sent to the server and as a response another table will be diplayed to the user, inside a popupPanel. My first doubt is: this id of the commandLink parameter exists in the page being diplayed and can be used to set a field in the bean created in the request? Or as the original bean used to create the values in the dataTable and in the parameter of the commandLink was destroyed these values won't be available to this second request?


      The second question: If the values are destroyed (the value can't be restored in the restoreView JSF phase, instead of been rescued from the page), how can I do that? How can I use a request scoped bean to generate a dataTable and after uses a parameter in a <a4j:commandLink> to be used in another request scoped bean?


      I'm sorry if I'm not being as clear as necessary, but it seems that I don't understand some simple aspects of JSF tecnology...




      Another question: a <a4j:commandLink> is sent as a GET (model won't be updated) or POST?