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    MultipleInstances Task ends entire workflow

    davesomebody Newbie



      I have been puzzling through some confusing behavior experienced in jBPM 5.1 which I did not see in jBPM 5.0.


      Specifically what I see is when the first iteration of a Multiple Instances task hits the end node in the multiple instances sub-flow the entire process is terminated.


      I have verified this from stepping through the debugger and instrumenting my session with a listener to see which tasks are triggered, terminated etc.  What I see is a single iteration through the sub-flow in the mulitple instances graph followed by each subsequent iteration triggering but the process terminating before the other iterations even get started down their path.


      I'm not setting up the flow any different than I would have in jBPM 5.0.


      Also, in jBPM 5.0 I noticed that Custom Tasks did not behave properly in jBPM 5.0, worked around by using a re-usable subflow task.  When stepping through in the debugger I see that subsequent iterations through the sub-flow seem to thing the custom task has triggered already.  Anybody know if this has been addressed in 5.1?


      Still a big supporter!