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    Pool Annotation not found in JBoss 7

    shailendra soni Newbie



      My application contains Stateless EJB 3  beans with some JBOSS 5.1 related annotations. Now, while I am trying to migrate from JBoss 5 to JBoss 7 , I got the compilation error for "@Pool" annotation (i.e. jboss-ejb3-ext-api.jar in JBoss 5.1 ) and @LocalBinding.


      I have found that JBoss 7 having beta version of "jboss-ejb3-ext-api-2.0.0-beta-1.jar" which is not contains POOL and LocalBinding classes. For temporary workaround, I have given reference of JBoss 5’s "jboss-ejb3-ext-api.jar" to resolve my compilation problem and runtime problem. But I am not happy to do such type of workaround.


      As per my thinking, there is some concrete reason for removing these two classes from JBoss 7, Now my question is that how could I specify POOL size for particular my stateless beans in JBoss 7?


      Thanks a lot for help.