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    passing objects between tasks

    badda Newbie

      I just started looking into JBPM 5.1. I am bit confused with the way flows in  JBPM 5.  I am trying to create a simple example with 3 tasks in one process definition , like:  start -> task1 -> task2 -> task3 -> end.


      I have a person ojbect that i want to do is :

         - pass Person Object to Task1,  and have it set Id and Name.

         - Task2 to take same Person object and set Address and Phone.

        - Task3 to print Person Object


      How can i do this in JBPM 5?  Appreciate your inputs/help.


      Please note: I have used JBPM 3.x,  familiar with JPBM 3.x action handlers and Context.  




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