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    Quick turnaround for component development

    Lukáš Fryč Master

      Hi guys,


      I have identified process of component very time-consuming, especially when used CDK,

      but this process may very shortened when used right tools.


      Current process:

      1) change sources

      2) compile component JAR

      3) compiler sample WAR

      4) deploy WAR


      It is possible to employ Fakereplace and together with AS7 integration, it is possible to replace Java classes generated by CDK.


      This offers quite fast development and about ~15sec turnaround when editing CDK templates, which is much quicker then current process.


      What I suggest is developing complete lifecycle supported by Eclipse, CDK and Fakereplace.


      There are still some problems:


      - maven needs to be used, no IDE integration (for both Fakereplace and CDK

      ( RF-11132 Develop M2E plugin for maven-cdk-plugin integration into Eclipse )


      - all of the templates needs to be compiled ( RF-11131 Made maven-cdk-plugin compile only modified files )

      - static resources inside JARs needs to be replaced too (Fakereplace may be useful here, but it can exist simpler solution)