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    How does RHQ shows graph for metrics

    mihir8979 Newbie



      I am very new to RHQ and I have expose one JMX attribute as metrics to capture "Total no of transactions on server"


      Since the value of attribute is always growing with some knowledge I have configured mesurementType="trendsup" in rhq-plugin.xml.


      So rhq-plugin.xml looks like this.


      <metric property="totalNoOfTransaction" displayName="Total No Of transactions on server"

         defaultOn="true" measurementType="trendsup"


         description="Total No Of transactions on server" />


      After configuring this I am able to see "Total No of transaction / per minute" in RHQ summary screen.


      But I am totally confused like how RHQ shows this value and how graph is plotted against this attribute.

      Briefly, I tried to plot graph for past 1 day and it shows some avergave value(2300) But I didnot give much request to server in past one day.

      Can anyone explain clearly how this value is shown as metrics and how the graph is plotted against it ?