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    Human Task Listener

    tmkohler Newbie


      I am a newbie in programming with jbpm. I started working with the user guide and I have no problems to develop simple applications which use the Service Task, ScriptTask. But I have some problems to develop a human task application. My goal is to get an information if a new human task for a special user or all users is accessible. The straight forward developed examples shown in the HumanTaskExample in the jbpm-examples section is not a solution for me. I need some technology where the MinaTaskServer informs me if a new task is accessible. Is there a solution without polling via the TaskClient? I do not find any examples or discussions in the forum.

      Thanks a lot for the help.


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          Chris Melas Apprentice


          You could add an event listener (i.e. ProcessEvenetListener) to your knowledge session. Then when a process would arrive at a node which is a human task you could notify your users that a task is available.

          This of course does not replace MinaTaskService or any other human task service which is used to retrieve the available human tasks and their states etc. they simply work together.