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    No task in console task view

    Renzo Tomaselli Novice

      Hi all, as a newbie I installed all, according to jBPM5 installer. Ok so far: JBoss ok, Eclipse ok.

      Then I tried to run run the "evaluation" process. Everything ok, filled-in the initial form, then I could inspect diagram and data.

      Then I tried to look at the task view: no personal task, but there was a log error:


      2011-07-18 18:42:12,113 [DEBUG] GET: http://localhost:8080/gwt-console-server/rs/tasks/krisv

      2011-07-18 18:42:22,151 [DEBUG] parse {"tasks":[]}

      2011-07-18 18:42:22,159 [INFO ] Loaded 0 tasks

      2011-07-18 18:46:35,546 [FATAL] Uncaught Exception:


      must be positive

          at Unknown.cKb(Unknown source:0)

          at Unknown.Yx(Unknown source:0)

          at Unknown.g2c(Unknown source:0)

          at Unknown.cy(Unknown source:0)

          at Unknown.anonymous(Unknown source:0)

          at Unknown.HA(Unknown source:0)

          at Unknown.anonymous(Unknown source:0)

          at Unknown.anonymous(Unknown source:0)


      I tried several times, even as john and mary. No task (Loaded 0 tasks).