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    JBoss 7 eclipse missing the run.jar

    David Norris Newbie

      Cannot install server runtime in eclpise 3.7 (indigo) with JBoss Tools 3.3.m2.

      Fresh installation of eclispe 3.7 and Tools 3.3.m2.

      Window - Preferences - Server - Runtime Environments: Add

      Select JBoss Community - JBoss 7.0 Runtime - next


      Dialog shows: New Server Runtime Environment

      JBoss Runtime

      The home directory does not exist or is missing the run.jar.


      At this point this is expected because the wizard defaults to c:/program files/jboss-7.0.x which is of course NOT where I put the server.

      Browse to the existing server install folder i.e. S:\jboss-as-7.0.0.Final

      The wizard still says "The home directory does not exist or is missing the run.jar." and will not enable Next or Finish buttons.


      The server runs perfectly by executing standalone.bat