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      If you are new to the JBoss translation project, please introduce yourself here.

      Tell us a bit about yourself, the language you would like to translate into, and your experience with JBoss and/or translation work.

        • 1. Introductions

          My name is KuuyeeChinese programmer)! 
          I am a fan of Seam/Weld.
          Our products have been integrated using the Seam.

          I would like to participate in Seam/Weld document translation, I can be acceptable?

          By the way, I participated seam2 document translation Gavin King has made this a signature T-shirts to us!



          • 2. Introductions



            My name is Luiz, I'm Brazililan and I have been living in London for the past 3 years. I work in a compliance training company and among other things I manage a small team that develop a software suite that supports the bussiness and our clients.


            We have been developing using JSF 1.2, Hibernate and Seam 2, targeting Glassfish and Tomcat. We have plans to upgrade the existent software to JEE 6 though, so CDI will play a major role in our future.


            I would like to help with the translation of the Weld documentation to Brazilian Portuguese.


            Thank you,


            • 3. Introductions

              Bom dia Luiz,


              Bem vindo à equipe de tradução do JBoss.


              A sua conta de tradutor já foi ativada e adoraríamos receber sua contribuição na tradução do Weld.




              Letícia McLean

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                My name is Jérôme Meuret, I'm a french programmer.


                Fond of JEE6, I'm very interested in Weld, which I use quite often for my professional et personal projects.


                I would like to help with the translation of the Weld reference guide to French.



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                  Hi !


                  As you already guessed with my login, my name is Fabien Charlet.

                  My mother tongue is the french and I'll be pleased to help in documentation translation.


                  I see this as a good way to perfectly know JEE 6 and a good contribution for other developpers.


                  I hope to start quickly !




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                    Hi Jérôme, hi Fabien,

                    bienvenue and welcome! Thanks for joining... every bit of help counts. Make sure to also have a squiz through the French Translation space under http://community.jboss.org/en/translators/french_translation for anything related specifically to your language. You have now both been granted translator permissions in Zanata - Happy translating!


                    Also a belated welcome to Kuuyee and Luiz - I never actually got around to saying hello. I hope you settled in fine!




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                      My name is Jose Galiana an I'm a project manager from Spain. As you guess my preferred language is Spanish. I'm 45 years old. In my early student years the computers book only were writing in English, so I had to translate to Spanish in my mind.


                      I'll be glad to help you into spanish translations.


                      Greetings, Jose.

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                        Hi Jose,


                        Thanks for joining! You now have translators permissions in Zanata.

                        Feel free to also bring some life into the Spanish Translation Space at http://community.jboss.org/en/translators/spanish_translation .


                        Happy translating!


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                          My name is Julien Herr and I'm a french developper.


                          I would like to give some help to translate some documentation to improve my knowledges in JEE.

                          I plan to start with the Weld reference guide.




                          • 10. Re: Introductions

                            Welcome Julien!

                            You now have translators permissions in Zanata, so feel free to translate away!



                            • 11. Re: Introductions



                              My name is Eric Manuguerra. I'm french software architect and Agile project manager. I live currently in New Delhi where I work as a consultant. I met Bruno Georges at JUDCon 2012 in Bangalore and he proposed me to contribute to JBoss AS 7 documentation translation. I was thinking about working on the administration or development guides. But I think that Bruno expects me to work on the AS7 console strings first.


                              Best regards,


                              • 12. Re: Introductions

                                Hi Eric,

                                Great to see that the word is spreading (and thanks Bruno! ;-))


                                Could you please tell me your JBoss/Zanata user name so that I can give you the translators permissions for Zanata (...I can't find you in Zanata's user list at the moment).

                                If you don't have a JBoss/Zanata login yet, follow the instructions in our little Getting Started Guide under https://community.jboss.org/docs/DOC-16540


                                Cheers, Hedda

                                • 13. Re: Introductions

                                  Hi Hedda,


                                  My username is michel.strogoff (a very brave and clever russian hero). I could not change my "name" field in Zanata so that it would appear associated to michel.strogoff.


                                  Best regards,


                                  • 14. Re: Introductions

                                    Aaah, no wonder I couldn't find you :-)  I have just assigned the translator role to your Zanata account, so you're ready to start translating!

                                    Best, Hedda

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