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    jboss as 6 log4j transaction related logging doesn't work

    Peter Butkovic Newbie

      hi all,


      we need is to have a possibility to have logging of transaction (begin/commit/rollback) in our application log files.


      this is our scenario:

      - ear application

      - log4j is used as a logging framework, layout used and working ok (for our application logs) is:




      - jboss as version is: jboss-6.0.0.Final

      - we use CMT

      - I'm able to see all the transaction related loggs only in:


      using configuration in:


      like this:

        <!-- Limit Arjuna transaction manager -->

         <logger category="com.arjuna.ats">

           <level name="TRACE" />



      But I can't get it into our log files. Even if I use in our:



      following config:

        <category name="com.arjuna.ats">

          <priority value="TRACE"/>

          <appender-ref ref="XYZ"/>



      My assumption is that TRACE in log4j is not the TRACE used internally by JBoss logging.


      I've checked the code of JBoss and found in:

      com.arjuna.ats.internal.jta.transaction.arjunacore.BaseTransaction code like this:


      public void begin() throws javax.transaction.NotSupportedException,



              if (jtaLogger.logger.isTraceEnabled()) {




      But internally it checks for org.jboss.logging.Level.TRACE


      and it has nothing to do with log4j levels.


      Any idea how to proceed? Thanks.