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    to install and deploy jbpm

    Gilles WAMBO Newbie

      Hi evry one!  I m new to use JBM so I would need your help. I have many quations:

      1. firstly I don't know how to use JBPM server with eclipse IDE, if is important to have jbpm pluggin integrate in eclipse. my eclipse ide is helios and my jbpm is vesion 5.

      2. secondly I would like to know how we can deploy jpm projet design in eclipse ide in te workflow motor JBPM 5.   so I read user guide but I don't understand very well.  Thanks for you!

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          Michael Wagner Newbie

          Hi, I have answered you to your first post. You do not make a "JBPM server" more "real" with a second post

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            Gilles WAMBO Newbie

            Thanks Michael!


            So I have and other preoccupetions. I download JBPM 5 and his documentation. So i would like to try demo, when i execute ant install.demo

            is succesfull, but in JPBP_HOME I have eclipse Hellios and JBOSS 5.1.0 . My problem is:

            Firstly when i run I hava this error:


            Secondly I use jboss 4.2 and I need to change JBOSS 5 by 4.2.0. so can I do!

            Please I need your help


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              Michael Wagner Newbie



              thanks for clarification. The SLF4J-Error means the at this point no logging implementation could be found for binding. That is not a problem. Still everything should be working fine. The issue is discussed here every week again. Please search the forum before posting and if something is not clear ask in the old threads. This would help to keep the oversight. If you are interested in this logging thing look here:



              Regarding your second question:

              You can deploy the jBPM AS-components probably to every AS. Have you tried it? What was the result? Any errors?


              But why you want to do this? The jBPM execution engine works without the server components. So you can author your BP elsewhere or in the demo installation and deploy and execute the on your 4.2 installation within your application.


              Hope that helps.