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    Sandbox migration to Git


      Hi guys,


      I would like to start with migration of Sandbox to Git


      and current status of sandbox components seems that there are only few pieces which needs to be migrated to Git:


      • lightbox
      • notify
      • schedule
      • watermark


      Could you please check that you haven't any other bits there which would be necessary to migrate?

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          Lukas, from my side the list is complete.

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            Hi Bernard,


            could you please compile up to date list of components which should be migrated?

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                Sandbox repository has been migrated to GitHub,

                please direct all development efforts there.


                SVN sandbox repository is now locked.



                As further actions, we need to clean the repository up,


                manage integration with JIRA and FishEye


                and update the sandbox process with new setup.

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                  This is great Lukas, thanks for doing the migration!  Having the Sandbox hosted in git will surely facilitate contributions form community members.


                  We'll look to cleaning up the unused artifacts in the new year.

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                    If the branch feature/cleanup, I've performed the cleanup as proposed in RFPL-1966.  Note, I also moved the components out of the ui folder to the top-level folder, and deleted the ui/pom.xml.  This structure is more consistent with what we want out of the sandbox, with independent components.


                    Let's discuss these changes at the team meeting tomrrow (Jan. 10, 2012) and I'll merge the branch if we are all in agreement.

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                      Me and Keruke worked on sandbox assembly of RF 3 and 4. I've created pull request for 4.x. 3.x is maintained in my private repo cause I can't find it in jboss SVN nor in git.

                      We've also created basic showcase of sandbox components assembly and have put it in sandbox/examples. Where should it be now?

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                        Do the sandbox components really need their own showcase?  My concern comes with maintaince of a showcase that by its very nature may contain components that are prototypes, and may have their own conflicts. 


                        Imo I think each sandbox component should be self-contained ( but following similar guidelines ) for structure, mini-example, readme, etc...


                        Just thinking from experience with trying to keep things like this together...

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                          That makes good sense Jay, if we keep the sandbox focus for prototyping, then each component should be self-contained with it's own dev-example.  I think the piece we are missing is graduating components out of the Sandbox in a timely manner.  They need a proper place to land. 


                          We started the discussion of a new component set for RichFaces in the 4.Next dev thread.  We need to carry that conversation through, and establish the requirements for getting a component in such a new component set.  It would then be valuable, and beneficial to make a showcase for those components.

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                            @Bernard and @Keruke I do want to thank you for the excellent work you've been doing with the shocase components!  I hope this delay as we figure out the best way to move forward isn't interpreted as a lack of appreciattion for the efforts you are putting in.  Your contributions are great for the project moving forward, we just need to figure out a sustainable way of consuming them.