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    Problem with Domain Specific Tasks




      I am trying to use domain specific tasks in my jBPM process. As seems customary for me, everything runs and works fine within eclipse, but when I try to run the process from the jBoss console, I have issues. The symptoms are that the process seems to stall on the custom tasks, and then if I click away from the process (for example selecting the 'evaluation' process that ships with jBPM) and click back to my process, it dissapears.


      The worst part is that this is happening even if I have completely copied the example from the User Guide (http://docs.jboss.org/jbpm/v5.1/userguide/index.html)


      Any thoughts on what is going on here?

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          Alright, found a solution for my problem. When using Guvnor to deploy processes (as I have been doing) it does not deploy your custom work handlers, to do so, I followed this:

          Deployment to an appsersever (e.g., JBoss or Tomcat)


          1.) Copy the configuration file (CustomWorkItemHandlers.conf) to gwt-console-server's META-INF directory


          e.g. jbpm-installer/boss-5.1.0.GA/server/default/deploy/jbpm-gwt-console-server.war/WEB-INF/classes/META-INF/CustomWorkItemHandlers.conf


          2.) Copy the Notification class to the gwt-console-server's CLASSPATH.


          e.g., Copy the Notification jar file into gwt-console-server war file  ( ..gwt-console-server\WEB-INF\lib)

          or Copy the Notification jar and the dependant jar files into appserver's lib direcory (JBOSS_HOME\server\default\lib for JBOSS or TOMCAT_HOME\lib for TOMCAT)


          From this post: