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    Beginners question: build seam project ear

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      I have installed JBoss Developer Studio 5.0.0.M2 and JBoss AS7 final. With the New -> Seam Web Project wizard I have created a project with Seam 2.2.2 final and EAR as deploy type. MySQL databae and AS7 are registered in Developer Studio.


      Now I have 4 projects:







      When I mark Seam2Playground-ear as deployable, it appears to be correctly deployed to JBoss AS7, according to its logfiles. However, the generated ear file is empty. In the Seam2Playground project is a folder "WebContent" with index.html and so on. How do I get those into the ear file? In older JEE2 projects I had just one project with an Ant script building everything - I understood this is not the way to do it any more, right?


      The Getting Started Guide did not help me in this case