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    RichFaces LoadStyleStrategy/LoadScriptStrategy Optimization

    Nick Dallamora Newbie



      I'm currently developing a Seam/RichFaces commerce web environment. Our pages have become a bit heavy and we're looking to reduce the load user's are hit with when navigating throughout the site. I'm using the DEFAULT option for both LoadStyleStrategy and LoadScriptStrategy so the files are imported and cached on-demand.


      What I'm looking to do (if at all possible) is remove unnecessary packages from being included in this load. Is there a way to bundle the Strategy and Script packages that my application uses? Or a way to designate certain packages to be skipped over? The only plausible option I've bene able to come up with so far is to set both Style and Script's Strategy to "NONE" and include each package manually on each page, which, given the size of our project, is not an option.


      Any suggestions? Is there some RichFaces functionality that I'm forgetting about? Thank you in advance.






      I should have mentioned that I'm using RichFaces 3.3.2. I don't think the LoadStyleStrategy/LoadScriptStrategy are available in 4 anymore.