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    How do I get the parent process and child sub-process relationship?

    byungwoojun Newbie

      I am using jBPM 5.1, and defined process flows using the reusable sub-process (or call activity). For example, A.bpmn has two reusable sub-processes using B.bpmn and C.bpmn. When the A.bpmn runs, jBPM 5.1 creates three process instance ids: one for A.bpmn (parent), one for B.bpmn and one for C.bpmn.


      In this case, A.bpmn instance is the parent process instance of the B.bpmn and C.bpmn instances. I looked at the ProcessInstanceInfo table and other tables, but I couldn't find any indication which one is parent and which ones are children. Is there any jBPM API can tell the relationship (parent - children)?