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    Use Arquillian with WebTest?

    Richard Kennard Novice

      Hi guys,


      I'm trying to integration test a JSF app running on JBoss AS 6. Arquillian seems like the obvious choice. However the documentation opens with examples of testing EJB, CDI, JPA and JMS - but not JSF?


      I understand Arquillian opens new possibilities for in-container testing, but is it still the right choice for simply deploying the app, starting the container, executing a WebTest script (i.e. I want to check the HTML being rendered), and then shutting the container down again? All in Maven?


      I tried copying this pom.xml. It seems to create a local copy of JBoss AS 6 in /target (great!), and possibly start it (unclear), but if I try running a WebTest script I get a 'connection refused'? I want something similar to the tomcat-maven-plugin or the jetty-maven-plugin, but for JBoss. Is Arquillian the right solution?