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    What is necessary to activate persistence for the JBPM engine?

    whabelitz Newbie



      I started with a library set including all the jar files provided in the runtime folder of a JBPM 5.1 installation and created a number of junit tests. Now I want to activate persistence.

      Inside jbpm-bam-xxx.jar and jbpm-human-task-xxx.jar I found persitence configuration files but where do I configure persistence for processes?

      When I run the jbpm console using "ant start.demo" there where beside other tables 3 tables created with the names "PROCESSINSTANCEINFO", "SESSIONINFO" and "WORKITEMINFO", which seems to represent the process relevant information.


      So what do I have to do in a

      a) standalone environment

      b) application server environment (EJB3 container)

      to activate persistence?