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    Luis Tamayo Newbie

      Hi I have configured jbpm5 and it works fine.

      But I have tried to configura a workflow like this:



      1. Requerimiento Empleado is a human task.
      2. Email is a email task
      3. Script is a script task
      4. AprobacionJefe is a human Task
      5. EmailAprobacion is a email task.


      When I call Requerimiento Empleado, the task is started and triggered without any problems, and when this task is completed it triggers next task Email.

      However when Email is completed task Script is not started and not triggered.

      I have realized that all the examples have flows like: start->human-task -> human-task -> service-task->end

      I would like to know if jbpm has the limitation or it is posible to include service task between human task.


      If someone has a similar scenario example, I will apreciate.


      Thanks in advance.