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    EJB inside WAR deployment order

    Tomas Bartalos Newbie


      Is there a way how to influence the deployment order of EJB packed inside WAR (according to EJB 3.1 spec).


      Background: We have a servlet filter, where we need to access EJB bean.

      The problem is, that the filter is Guice driven, so we can't use @EJB annotation in the code, however we have to make a custom ejb lookup.


      Problem: When we deploy the web app, we get an error saying, that the EJB is not bound, because the web app and the filter is initialized before the EJB.


      Workaround: If I create a plain old servlet filter with @EJB annotation to an existing EJB, the deployment order is correct (1. EJB, 2. Web app).

      However this forces me to create useless filter, with @EJB reference to some existing bean.

      Is there a "proper" way how to influence the order ?


      thanks for your answers,