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    Archetypes for JavaEE modules?


      Hi all,


      I currently do my first Maven steps, and I want to use the features of Eclipse/WTP (or JBoss Tools), combined with some Maven features (mainly dependency management).

      But I am a bit stuck with the archetypes: does anybody have a suggestion on which archetypes to use for creating a JavaEE6 ear with all child modules (ejb, app client, web module)?

      E.g. JBossTools has an archetype "jboss-javaee6-webapp", but no archetypes for the other module types. I found  some JavaEE archetypes with groupId "org.codehaus.mojo.archetypes" which covered all module types, but I did not manage to connect the modules to an Eclipse EAR project.


      This question is probably not really JBossTools related, but I hope that they provide all necessary utilities, and I just did not find them all ;-).


      Best regards



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          There's no multi module archetype for JavaEE6 that I know of, yet. I planned on making one, but can't give an ETA.

          However, you can start by looking at  http://code.google.com/p/open-archetypes/

          I suggest you create the project based on multi-javaee5-archetype first, then :

          - update the version to 6 in the maven-ear-plugin configuration of the ear project

          - update the version to 3.1 in the maven-ejb-plugin of the ejb project

          - use a web.xml v3.0 in the web project or maybe add a new module to the base project, based off the jboss EE6 archetype, then add it as a dependency of the ear project


          Note that app clients are not supported yet in m2e-wtp (it's almost ready though, so should be soon in m2e-wtp's dev builds)

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            Hi Fred,


            thanks for your reply!


            I took a look at the archetype, but well... the combination of Eclipse/WTP und Maven seems to be very, very complicated - two different worlds which refuse to be joined ;-). As I am used to the IDE, it's a bit hard to switch to Maven ;-). I think I will buy a book (which will probably lack all the JaveEE stuff...) and start from the beginning, not in the middle....



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              btw. if you want it simple then dont use pre-JavaEE6 concepts like multiproject EAR's, just use War's.


              See the AS7 quickstart guides - explains how to simply import and use the projects.


              See http://relation.to/20924.lace