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    Content Base Routing

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      Following is a snippet from JBoss's Services_Guide.pdf. p37

      It is on the subject of Content based routing.


      <action class="org.jboss.soa.esb.actions.ContentBasedRouter" name="ContentBasedRouter">

           <property name="cbrAlias" value="XPath"/>

           <property name="ruleSet" value="/rules/xpath-rules.properties"/>

           <property name="ruleReload" value="true"/>

           <property name="destinations">

                <route-to destination-name="blue" service-category="BlueTeam" service-name="GoBlue" />


                <route-to destination-name="red" service-category="RedTeam" service-name="GoRed" />


                <route-to destination-name="green" service-category="GreenTeam" service-name="GoGreen" />




      Being new on this subject, I am trying to understand "how" the above actually works but struggling.


      As I understand, the listener picks up the ESB Message, which is "processed" by

      the class org.jboss.soa.esb.actions.ContentBasedRouter.


      What is not clear in the documentation. is exactly what the class ContentBasedRouter

      is doing.

      Can someone clarfy this for me please.


      Also is there a way I can get access to the source code for the ContentBasedRouter class.


      Finally, in the above, how and where is the contents of the ESB message interrogated to

      get the parameters held it. I guess this detail is in the ContentBasedRouter class.


      Great subject ... just can't my humble head round it.


      Thanks for any help