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    Patterns for modelling void return operations in WSDL?

    Marko Asplund Newbie



      I'm designing a web service interface (WSDL 1.1 / SOAP 1.1) that will include operations that I'd like to model similar to void returning methods in Java like this:


      void doFoo(...) throws MyContingencyException;


      That is, while there's no return value, i'd like to be able to deliver service specific faults to the consumer.


      Apparently, you can't return faults with one-way MEPs, so it would need to be request-response MEP.


      What kinds of patterns are you using for modeling these kinds of operations in WSDL?


      Do you just define a simple status code value (xsd:byte, xsd:boolean or xsd:string)?

      Or define a custom "VoidType" complexType with no content?


      Any other approaches?