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    Cumulative message counts?

    Doug Toppin Newbie

      Sorry if this is a trivial question but I haven't been able to find anything on it.  Right now (via the JBoss SOA Admin Console) I can see metrics for my topics but they are in transit values only. I was wondering if there was a configurable way to also keep cumulative values for things like 'Non Durable Message Count'?  If so and if someone could point me in the right direction I would appreciate it.

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          Ryan Hochstetler Newbie

          Cumulative message counts for queues can be enabled by setting the EnableMessageCounters attribute on the ServerPeer MBean declaration (messaging-service.xml in the community distro) or by invoking the enableMessageCounters method of the ServerPeer MBean from the JMX console.  The output can be retrieved from the MessageCounters attribute of the same MBean or by invoking the listMessageCountersAsHTML method.  The deltas in the counters are, I believe (and have been too lazy to dig-up the documentation), the difference since last access of the message counters themselves (of course, deltas are "differences," my uncertainty is the difference from "when to when").


          I don't have any knowledge on how this mechanism counts messages for Topic subscriptions because I've never had to diagnose a problem with one.  All of the Topics on my project are very low volume and they've never gone haywire, like JBM queues sometimes are inclined to do.