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    JBoss Tools never finishes discovering an already-installed GateIn runtime

    David Lambert Newbie

      I've installed JBoss Tools into Rational Application Developer 8.0.3 (based on Eclipse 3.6).  I also unpacked the GateIn 3.10 distribution elsewhere in the filesystem.  I want to import a portal-development project that uses GateIn.  Since i don't already have a "server" in Eclipse for that JBoss AS instance, when I open the project for the first time,  I get the "Workspace Migration" wizard,  and it gives me a link to "search for server runtimes".  When I do so,  I'm able to browse to the JBoss GateIn instances (at C:\Cygwin\opt\GateIn-3.1.0-GA).  It correctly identifies the server as JBoss 5.1.  However, whn I click "Next", it grays out the screen and never does anything else.  It gives the message


        "The user operation is waiting for background work to complete"


      I can hit the "stop" icon (red square) to cancel out,  but in that case no "server" actually gets created. 


      Is this the right way to associate an already-installed JBoss server with an instance of Eclipse that has JBoss Tools installed?