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    API Migration from jBPM 3 to jBPM 5

    Hui Onn Tan Newbie


      Now I am developing a case management system using Nuxeo Case Management Framework. However, its task management and workflow are quite restrictive.

      I would like to make the system more adaptive by integrating with jBPM5 (processes + rules + events).


      In Nuxeo EP, there is jBPM 3 integration with service APIs to encapsulate jBPM3 APIs. My plan is to follow the existing service APIs as much as possible and replace the implementation with jBPM 5. Technically speaking, it is actually not a migration but new integration because jBPM3 related codes will still remain as is.


      My questions:

      1. I have read about "jBPM5 migration tool project". Is this project already capable of "to map jBPM3 API usage to jBPM5 API usage"?


      2. If I have to do it manually, are there any general guideline in doing so?


      3. For example, org.jbpm.graph.exe.ProcessInstance API is different with org.jbpm.workflow.instance.WorkflowProcessInstance. In order to get some attributes like processInstance.getStart() and processInstance.getEnd(), I have to use org.drools.event.process.ProcessEventListener to set the values into workflowProcessInstance's variables (WorkflowProcessInstance.setVariable)?


      I am not familiar with jBPM API. Please correct me if I am wrong.